Problems debugging in 4.0, break into .class and not into .java

I am running Resin (2.11) inside the IDEA 4.0., as an application with com.caucho.server.http.ResinServer as a startup-class.

I have a struts - application, - setting breakpoints inside the action-classes... When running, in debug, reaching the break-points, - the debugger breaks into the compiled .class, and not into the .java code.

What could be wrong in my configuration. I have used simillar configuration setup with success in version 3.05.

Geir A.

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One thing I have found is that the ordering is much more important in IDEA
4.0 (and it finds, and lists, source code twice - once for decompiled, once
for actual source!).

Make sure (in the ordering tab) that whatever entry contains the
JavaDoc/source is before the entry that contains the actual classes/JARs.
For me this means I must have my global libraries (which contain links to
the JavaDoc/source) before my project libraries (which contain links to the

Hope this helps! If not then it is obviously a different problem :(




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