J2EE Application Module - Cannot find javax.servlet.Servlet


I would like to roll up a short [url="http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jsp?forum=22&thread=73696&message=798726&q=6a617661782e736572766c65742e536572766c6574#798726"]Thread in the EAP-Forum[/url].
One at that when I want to set up a J2EE Application Module I select the Generic Application Server, point the Web Support Library to the library C:\JBOSS\client\jboss-j2ee.jar file and then I get the error Class 'javax.servlet.Servlet is not avaiable in selected library.

What could I do?

I use Windows 2000, the current version of IDEA (IntellJ IDEA build 1167) and JBOSS 3.2.0 RC2.

MfG Murdoch!

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