Live Edit and php storm setting

I have install Live Edit in phpstorm client ( two items are check in the live edit setting) but the browser don't update the content when add  new content to php  code source ?
The submenu  View ->  "reload in browser item"  can't be selected

Any clue to resolve the problem ?

OS windows 8 64 bit
java 1.7.0_13-b20
Easyphp server 5.3.9
chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 m   
    "C:\Users\xxxl\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\26.0.1408.0\chrome_launcher.exe"
phpstorm 5.0.4
chrome auto save extension  work with nodejs server
web url


I think it is because of IP adderss -- that extension has (or had) issues with 192.168.x.x addresses, but works fine with 127.0.0.x. Having properly configured Deployment entry should help here (as LiveEdit should recognize it as local in such case).

Please try v6 EAP build, it may have it working better:

LiveEdit Chrome extension is now distributed via Chrome Web Store:


Yes it what i have done after read the documentation . I have 126.162 version  but it doesn't work !!
I post  other question relative to EAP policy  and CMS mapping from code source to rendering engine browser

Thank's for your post


I hope the problem of ip could be resolve . how designer could test real mobile browser device or adobe edge technology if we use local ip loopback ?
( install a proxy mapping ? or install local nodejs weinre  server , modify each time http.conf setting )



Try using fake domain name (via hosts file -- in any OS) that ends with .local instead of IP (e.g. )


yes it work with loopback ip .
i ll try your solution  ( Dr watson ? ) and see if live edit is not incompatible with other third technology  in the browser side ....


If View ->  "reload in browser item" can't be selected, so, JetBrains IDE Support chrome extension is not conected to IDE.

But, I can see, now it is working for you for address, but not for 192.168 — follow Andriy Bazanov suggestions. We will check this case.


i have know two errors that i don't have before after switch 192.168 to 127.0 for be able to use live edit .
1) when use the browser icon , clik on any goes to
    it seem i am not use  192.168 setting in setting .

2) xdebug don't work
C:\EasyPHP-5.3.9\php\php539x130201222616\php.exe -dxdebug.remote_enable=1 -dxdebug.remote_host= -dxdebug.remote_port=9000 -dxdebug.remote_mode=req C:\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\J25a\templates\beez_20\index.php

Process finished with exit code 0

i modify  php.ini file , it is difficult to understand if 127.0.01 mean remote or not ?
i think all software in local can have access to , remote is for other ip of the same network
i install charles  proxy but not use
i see  C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts exist in  window 8 64 bits

but i don't know what thing i have to map  in hosts file and what i have to do in other file  ( php apache-http  phpstorm )
what i want is to keep my network ip  to be call from external device that have the same ip network netmask     mylocalpc.local



Put this in your hosts file. Save it. On windows 8 you will need admin priveleges.     nameofmyfakedomain.local

Then configure a virtual host for Apache. Example: Put this in your Apache virtualhosts area of httpd.conf. ( or httpd-vhosts.conf if using it) Apache should be running on .
In older version of Apache httpd.conf you need to enable vhosts but not needed in newer version. ( also change port apache should listen on for this domain if needed - after the * below)

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "Z:/path/to/fakedomain/documentroot"
    ServerName nameofmyfakedomain.local

Restart Apache.

Then in your browser you should be able to goto http://nameofmyfakedomain.local


2) xdebug don't work
C:\EasyPHP-5.3.9\php\php539x130201222616\php.exe -dxdebug.remote_enable=1 -dxdebug.remote_host= -dxdebug.remote_port=9000 -dxdebug.remote_mode=req C:\EasyPHP-5.3.9\www\J25a\templates\beez_20\index.php

Process finished with exit code 0

This tells me that you are executing PHP script in CLI mode (not via browser) -- I do not think that this is what you want.

The rest ... I can't understand what you mean, sorry (your english confuses me here a lot).


sorry for my bad english .i do not use CLI , it is a copy/ paste from the console inside phpstorm (near debugger tab)  .
i have a headache to try to configure xdebug with phpstorm for only be able to use live edit and xdebug

IT ll be nice for newbies to have a tutorial about howto for use configure  phpstorm with  specific CMS  code like defined('_JEXEC') or die; .



i do not say live edit is in relation with xdebug , after change my ip to to local  to make live edit work ......xdebug don't work ......
I ll test again when i ll have more time  with http.conf  ...
Thank's for your help even make working "live edit"  using a ip different from ll be usefull ( compatible with internal network) .
When i read  jetbrain website and phpstorm , phpstorm do a lot but need specific ip , need specific browser but some functionnalities is not supported when another compoment is use ( inspect chrome  ) .
I come back every two or four months to test if the functionalities is implemented or easy to use ( user friendly; no hack ; no limitation ) but i think i ll have to wait again .

Thank's for the link you give me , it is what i have thinking this morning after a good night .
I begin to find an article about eclipse and joomla but it seem focus on installation not write an extension but i am in the good way ....

What important is not the IDE but what you do you can do or not with your IDE .


The second problem is that we can't use  browser chrome console with live edit .
the phpstorm  ask us to vote but nothing change since one years so live edit for css is vaporware
since one years the bug have been on google website forum and nothing occur

the solution is
1) implemented console in php storm side ?
2) add dynamic outline in client side the boundingbox ( highlight) of tag elements that are link to the selector pattern we edit in phpstorm
outline ( color style width ) don't change the box size ......
3) use browsr extension implemented by phpstorm
a) firefox extension ( but phpstorm extension never arise ! or i miss something  )
b) use last IE 12 ( ?)  that ll come 18 october 2013 when  windows 8 ll be update to 8.1
even i don't know if write an COM activeX extension  for Microsoft is easier than chrome API
4) use an CSS browser editor extension so no need to use phpstorm  !!!
5) use javascript CSS loader in the client side so no need to use phpstorm  !!!

Live edit is really great but we can't in the same time use the console to test css " xpath" or javascript framework .



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