IntelliJ Configuration Server


I am using PhpStorm and before I purchased it, I was advised that syncing settings and projects between two computers was possible if I installed IntelliJ Configuration Server.

I have done that and have since been unsuccessful in actually figuring out how to log in/activate/do anything with it.

I have searched the community and Knowledge Base and just keep ending up on threads that offer no step by step instructions, only these two links, which I'm now rather bored with looking at :

I have set up an account at and I've seen a couple of threads where the advice is something along the lines of "start IntelliJ and log in", but nothing specific to phpStorm, which I am assured IntelliJ Configuration Server also works with.

Can anyone please tell me in clear, idiot-proof steps, how to activate and use this plugin in PhpStorm? If it makes any difference, I am running it on OS X.

Thank you.

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