Idea 4 - JSP tag library setup?

I'm interested in using ID4 to take over development of an outsourced project originally developed in JB9 & Adobe GoLive.

The existing JSP's use Struts 1.1 tag libraries - and specifiy their .tld files in a very standard fashion


ID4 complains it cannot find the files. They are in the /moduleRoot/WEB-INF/ directory.

What setting will cause ID4 to look in this location?


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This is described in "Web Application Development with IntelliJ IDEA 3.0",

What you do is to map your uri to a resource, the .tld file.
Open setting, IDE-settings and select Resources
Map your uri to the resource, i.e. /moduleRoot/WEB-INF/[name of the taglib.tld file].


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