karma-requirejs-master + coverage?


I tried running the sample project inside of webstorm 7 and it runs great except when I try to add in code coverage.

I dont get any coverage data.

If i take requirejs out, I do get coverage data. Any ideas?

I tweaked the config file as below:

(added preprocessors and coverage reporter)

module.exports = function(config) {

        // base path, that will be used to resolve files and exclude
        basePath: '',

        // frameworks to use
        frameworks: ['jasmine', 'requirejs'],

        // list of files / patterns to load in the browser
        files: [
            {pattern: 'lib/**/*.js', included: false},
            {pattern: 'src/**/*.js', included: false},
            {pattern: 'test/**/*Spec.js', included: false},


        // list of files to exclude
        exclude: [

        preprocessors: {
            // source files, that you wanna generate coverage for
            // do not include tests or libraries
            // (these files will be instrumented by Istanbul)
            '**/*.js': ['coverage']

        // test results reporter to use
        // possible values: 'dots', 'progress', 'junit', 'growl', 'coverage'
        reporters: ['progress', 'coverage'],

        // web server port
        port: 9876,

        // enable / disable colors in the output (reporters and logs)
        colors: true,

        // level of logging
        // possible values: config.LOG_DISABLE || config.LOG_ERROR || config.LOG_WARN || config.LOG_INFO || config.LOG_DEBUG
        logLevel: config.LOG_INFO,

        // enable / disable watching file and executing tests whenever any file changes
        autoWatch: true,

        // If browser does not capture in given timeout [ms], kill it
        captureTimeout: 60000,

        // Continuous Integration mode
        // if true, it capture browsers, run tests and exit
        singleRun: true

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works fine for me. Please find a sample project attached (based on karma+requirejs sample available at https://github.com/kjbekkelund/karma-requirejs)
See if it works for you

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Hi Elena

Thanks for getting back - I tried your project and it works - had to set my CHROME_BIN and a few bits and pieces.

I then went back to my original project and swapped in your config file and it started to work.

What would be useful to know (possibly for others too) is what was wrong with the config file I was using?



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Honestly - no ideas:( Actually your config works for me as well (after adding a browser there) - the only difference is that I have coverage generatyed for all files because of  "'**/*.js': ['coverage']" used


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