Problems Compiling and Debugging with new IDEA 4.0

IDEA 4.0 breaks once in awhile.

When I hit compile it does nothing. Then I hit the run button and I get a class not found error.

So I restart IDEA and I hit compile again. This time it says cache is corrupted. It take like 5 minutes to rebuild cache.

It then works again and starts compiling. This repeats about every other day.

On debugging, I set a break point but it takes me to the class file and not the source file. I configure the paths and allow debugging symbols in the compile code. Is there anywhere to specify the source path for the debugger? IDEA 4.0 seems confuse and can't find my source.

Anyone experieced these two problems?

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I looked at the log and saw exceptions left and right.

Anyways, I think IDEA needs more error reporting.

One of my problems was corrupted JAR files. If IDEA encounters this it should reported to the user with a dialog box.

Something like,

"We are having problems compiling your source file because you have a corrupted file"


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