not enough space on the disk .... but 3GB is free

hello ppl

this happened all of a sudden to me... everything was going perfectly fine then.... i edited some code in my project and on clicking compile got the following error:

Information: 1 error
Information: 0 warnings
Error: line (0) Process not started:
There is not enough space on the disk

Firstly this is not the case... 3GB disk space is free.
And the error is now being generated for all my projects. i cant compile anything on idea now.... not even a simple helloworld java program. :(

i have tried the following...
>switching jdk's
>making new projects
>restarting my machine
>javac works fine from the commandline

another weird thing.... just after idea is started the taskmanager shows that it is using 25mb of "mem usage" and a 62mb "vm size" for a simple helloworld prog !! is that normal ?

i am using IDEA 3.05 build#706 on win2k with j2sdk1.4.2

has anyone experienced something similar ?
thanks in advance.


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Please, check also the space available on drive that store user settings and temp files

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thanks a ton...

although that exactly didnt help... but it did lead me to the source of the problem. ;)
heres what went wrong:

previously i had checked the free space in my my TEMP drive and the main drive and had found both to be sufficient.

but on rechecking the TEMP folder i found that there were 32,763 files with the name acr*.tmp, probabaly created by acrobat, all with the size 0kb. that explains what they didnot show up in the free space check.

after getting rid of these file... everything is working fine.

Thanks again for the help.


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