automatically update web site in web browser

Hello everybody,

I develop a web site with those technologies : HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript(Jquery).

But I constantly save/run code for PHPStorm launch a new tab in my web browser.
Finally when I stop my code session I have a lot of tab in my web browser.
But also it's more easy if I can modify CSS and viewing directly and automatically the result of this change.

For developing the web site with above technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript(Jquery)), is it PHPStorm or Intellij IDEA more pratical ?

Thank you for response


Ok tanks.

Live Edit is cool but it's pity that live Edit run only with 1 file in each turn of debug session and the include file don't run in viewing chrome.


I want to develop with gitHub, PHP (framework : symfony2) and HTML/CSS/JavaScript language.
Ok PHPStorm is ENOUGH but I can see that Intellij IDEA also run/debug PHP and I already have licence for Intellij IDEA (when I developed in Java language).

PHPStorm is Enough but Intellij IDEA is Better, no ???

I would like work with the more efficiently IDE for professionnal development WEB

Thank for you lighting


PHPStorm is Enough but Intellij IDEA is Better, no ???

You can only make such judgement yourself, from your own experience (by using each tool for a few days, at least).

But if you already working with IntelliJ for some time, then I do not see big reason to start using PhpStorm -- functionality is the same, just some rather minor differences (for example: simplified project creation in PhpStorm -- as simple as "Open that folder").

IntelliJ has 1 year release cycle (mid/end of December) while PhpStorm has more frequent release cycle (every 6-9 months, something like that). New PHP-specific features will first appear in PhpStorm and then eventually (after few days/weeks/months -- depends on platform build numbering) will appear in PHP plugin for IntelliJ.


Yes I will test same project development for both PHPStorm and Intellij IDEA.
Thank also for say me more that developement cycle.

Continue your great job JetBrains ;)


I'm not affiliated with JetBrains in any way ;)


I still say continue your great job (for forum) :)


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