How to delete/rename a file from the editor window?

Say I am currently looking at a file SomeFile.php that is opened in the active editor window.

I decide I want to rename it to SomeOtherName.php.

Can I do this directly from the editor window, i.e. without having to relocate that file in the Project browser?

I haven't found a way to do this so far, and it's driving me crazy, cause my project has thouasands of files, and the file browser doesn't allow me to locate a file other than by manually browsing the file hierarchy. Shortcuts like Command-Shift-O do help finding a file, but they don't thake me to the file in the context of the file browser (where I would need to be to rename the file).

Any help would be appreciated.

Alain Désilets
Owner, Alpaca Technologies


Try turning 'Autoscroll from source' Project view option on - this woul allow to easily locate the currently opened file in the project tree


Found it

* Navigate > Select In > Project View

I'm supposed to be able get the Navigate > Select in by doing Alt+F1, but on my mac, that opens the display preferences dialog. But still, it's better than relocating the file by manually browsing.


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