Remote debugging hangs / takes very long time

I downloaded and installed the IDEA 4.0 and configured my project[I didnt import my IDEA 3.0 project, just did a fresh configuration]. Code editing, ANT compilation everything works great.

But remote debugging is very slow, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for "Step Next" operation]]>. When I click "Step Next", debugger window displays a message "Waiting until expression evaluation completes" and it sits there for 15 mins.

I never had remote debugging problems with IDEA 3.0, but remote debugging in 4.0 is very very slow.

Is there are any properties that I can turn off to make the debugger faster. I have already disabled the option "Use alternate view for collections". Still my debugging is very slow.

Any ideas whats is going wrong?

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I'm running my server and IDEA on the same machine. Machine configuration is P4 2.66 GHz / 512 MB RAM. I am using JDK 131_06.


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