Code completion popup suddenly disappear

Hi, I'm new on PHPStorm and I'm using the 7.0 trial version.
Until now, I find PHPStorm a great IDE, and I'm planning to buy it.
One boring issue I found is that the code completion popup frequently disappear after 1-2 characters have been pressed.
Sometimes it work well, other time I have to delete the word and start writing again 4-5 times to get the popup still there.

I'm on Linux 64 bit (Ubuntu 13.04), but I've had the same problem switching to Archlinux, installed on a separated partition.

Is there someone that could suggest me a way to fix this problem?. Maybe it's related to Java (I'm using Oracle Java JDK 64bit).



Hi there,

I have no clue at all why it automatically closes for you (maybe somebody else who uses Linux can help here) .. but you can always bring it back by pressing Ctrl+Space (or whatever shortcut you may have there for "Code | Completion | Basic")


Hi Andriy, thank you for your answer.
Yes, I've tried with Ctrl+space but it doesn't bring back. The only way is to completely delete what you were writing and start again.
Later, I am going to attach a screenshot so you can see how it appear.

Now I'm trying with Java 8 but PhpStorm doesn't start at all. The error is "Failed to clear URL cache".
I'll switch back to Java 7.


Thanks Andriy,
Those issues seem similar to mine. I think there's no way to fix it at the moment.
I've attached a screenshot to better undestrand how that happens.
You can see that some text is still visible outside the popup box, while the popup disapperar.


code completion.png

Better post this picture and your comments in that/those ticket(s) -- it's much more useful for developers to see details there.


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