PHPStorm is deploying files via FTP with wrong file datetime stamp

When I deploy files via FTP in PHPStorm they end up on the server with a file datetime stamp that is off by 1 hour. As a result all files appear to be out of sync when they are not.

In my deployment options I have enabled "preserve files timestamps".

I've checked that both my workstation and server have the same date timezone settings (server is running Windows Server).

I'm using FileZilla as the FTP server.

I wonder if the problem is related to daylight savings somehow, because the time is off by 1 hour.

Other than this and extensive google searches. I can not find a fix or an example of someone else having this problem.


I have tried to reproduce the problem using the FileZilla client to connect to the FTP server, and transfer files while preserving the timestamp. FileZilla client works as expected.

What is interesting is that the timestamp on the remote server appear different. Remote files that were created with PHPStorm have the wrong time by 1 hour, but if I create new files using FileZilla client with preserving timestamp the remote files have the correct time (the current time on the remote server).

This is very strange. When I remote desktop to the remote server the files shown in FileZilla client that were created by PHPStorm don't have the same timestamp as shown on the remotedesktop.

This is difficult to explain. So I hope you guys can understand.


After doing some tests and research this problem appears to be a server side issue. FileZilla FTP is incorrectly adjusting the UTC timestamp to include daylights savings. FileZilla forums say that the FTP server is following the correct standards for the timestamp command, but it doesn't work with phpStorm.

Rather then dive in a long battle of who's fault it is. It would be just easier to change what FTP server I'm using the on the web server. Can someone please advise me what the recommended FTP server is for phpStorm and Windows Server 2008 SP2.


Can someone please advise me what the recommended FTP server is for phpStorm and Windows Server 2008 SP2.

It works OK for me (my location: UK):

  • Windows Web Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1; Standard IIS 7.5 FTP; located in UK (same as me)
  • Windows Web Server 2008 x64 SP2; Standard IIS 7.x FTP; located in USA (-8 hours difference)
  • Windows Web Server 2008 x64 SP2; Standard IIS 7.x FTP; located in Australia (+9 hours difference)

When checking timestamp on remote systems (that located in different time zones), file properties shows local timestamp (which is correct and expected). But other FTP-sync programs (like SyncBackPro) do not report any differences (timestamp is correct/matches).


There are multiple commands for changing file timestamp on FTP server, UTIME, MFMT and MDMT among them. Some servers do not support some of them. As far as I googled, FileZilla FTP server works well with MFMT command and produces unexpected results with MDMT. Current version of PhpStorm (and even PhpStorm 6.0) should use MFMT if server reports it as supported feature. Please consider upgrade if your PhpStorm is older. Otherwise would you be so kind to provide a link to those posts about issues with timestamp, and check which command exactly is used with your server's log or extended logging in PhpStorm. Please collect deployment log as described here, create new issue at YouTrack with link to this thread and attach log there.


Okay, thanks. I'll try to put together a report of what is going on.


It appears this problem might have gone away on it's own after the server was rebooted (for an unrelated reason).

If it presents itself again I'll open a ticket with FTP logs.


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