Tracker ?

With new L&F - how about creating a tracker for it ? It may have bugs and people might think of feature requests or improvements as well.

For example, I have already two things to say about

1) At the bottom of each section ("User Interface", "IDE Customization", etc) there's a "to the top" link. Having "next" link would be more comfortable as one won't have to go up and click another section to switch to it. Just "next", "next", etc .. and keep on reading :)

2) Shortcuts could be provided where appropriate. For example, "Code Editing" section describes "Basic code completion", "SmartType code completion" and "Class Name code completion" bit doen't mention their shortcuts. So people can't try it out right away.

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Whoops, links don't work as they include ":" I guess. But one can't easily fix them directly in the "Address" bar because the browser is automatically forwarded to

Are you sure this is a better way ? Why not leaving the original incorrect URL in the Address bar ?


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