Webstorm 7 - can't run debugger a 2nd time

Hi there.

I have stumbled across a somewhat anoying problem while codeing in webstorm 7. For some reason i can't get the debugger to run a 2nd time. I.e i can open, and run my project correctly. But when i try to debugg said project it only works once. If i stop the debugger and try to debugg the same project again, then webstorm will stop/hangs after displaying: "debugger listening on port #" and nothing will happen.

Any clue what could be causing this?

// os, bild, java, and node versions
OS: fedora 19;
Webstorm 7 build: ws-131.202;
java version:  1.6.0_37;
node version:     v0.10.19

*can add that this works perfectly in webstorm 5 and 6. just ws-7 thats causing troubles


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