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First, I would just like to say that I like the approach Intelij took on the UI designer. With that being said, something is confusing me. I created a simple Form with some textfields, labels, and Buttons. It doesn't do anything at all. I then did the whole bind thing where the form is bound to my MainFrame (JFrame) class. All find and good. Then I told the JPanel on my form to be part of MainFrame in that my JPanel from the form is now a public variable in MainFrame. And when I run the app, I can see the entire gui I made. All find and good.

But where the heck is the rest of the UI code? Does it get generated at all? Is it generated on the fly? Does an end GUI App also using this .form file for generating the UI each time?

This is the only thing I am confused about.

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They r generated as byte code and r injected into ur compiled java class files. u can let IDEA to generate source codes by change project settings. go to setting dialog, press gui desinger, then select generate source codes. when u build next, u can see the codes. but i seldom do that before i distribute my source code to other team member who do not use IDEA.


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