XML tag completion broken in builds 1151, 1154 and 1156.


There is a problem with XML tag completion in the builds 1151, 1154 and 1156
at least in ejb-jar.xml (I didn't verify for other xml files).

The problem is, until build 1147 the list of tags suggested for tag
completion was filtered to show only the permitted tags in the place where
the cursor is. Instead, in the builds 1151, 1154 and 1156 you are presented
with all the tags possibly available in ejb-jar.xml (see the two images
attached). I think this is a serious slowdown when you have to frequently
modify ejb-jar.xml.

Radu Zaharia

build 1147.gif
build 1156.gif
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I have to make a correction: I'm not sure about build 1151. I verified only
1147 (which is good), 1154 and 1156 (which are bad).

Radu Zaharia


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