Create hot key for some editor action?

Hello guys!

Every time when I writing a function I end up with cursor in brackets and I need go left, write semicolon, go right and continue my code. So I want to create hot key like Ctrl+Shift+; to add semicolon to the end of current line. Is there any way to create some such script for PhpStorm editor?


Hi there,

Please try Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Complete Current Statement) -- it should add missing parts and will place cursor at the end of the statement (hence it should be used at the very end (when main part is already written) instead of proposed in the middle).


Thanks but I just can't focus on code when I see highlighted error in the end of line. Ctrl+Shift+Enter is helpful but I still need to back to prev cursor position. Can we Complete Current Statement without changing cursor position? Maybe I need to create fiture on tracker?


Feel free to do it.

If it will gather enough interest, it will be eventually implemented.

But please check for already existing tickets duplicates before posting your: and


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