Git branches on remote server

I'm working for the first time with branches on a remote server. As long as I'm working in one branch, it's fine. I re "Sync with Deployed" when I merge or pull new files or change branches. A little annoying, but not the end of the world. Recently, though, I'm finding myself needing to change branches and work on the same file (they are giving me related tickets to work on).

I've found two unsatisfactory ways of working with these branches:
1) Mix of SFTP / Git
a) make changes (works great until later)
b) remote-server$ git add /commit
c) remote-server$ git checkout  'newbranch'
d) local$ git pull
e) local$ git stash (this seems messy)
f) local$ git checkout 'newbranch'
g) PHPStorm: sync directory

2) Use Git
a) Make a change
b) commit (in branch)
c) push (making sure I'm not in the branch on the remote side--this is the major problem here, I can't see quick edits easily)
d) remote-server$ git checkout branch
e) see changes
f) remember to get out of the branch on remote server

What am I missing? Is there a better tool out there that I should be using on this project? I used to just set up extra directories for mercurial when developing a feature, but that's not possible with this project.

Thanks in advance.

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