Checkout from TFS hangs on .pdf file

Hi all,

I'm using the TFS Integration plug-in version 129.105 with PHPStorm 6.0.3 (build PS-129.814).

Unfortunately, if I create a project + enable Version Control integration + create a TFS workspace and Checkout from Version Control, the 'Checkout from TFS' dialog hangs on a specific .pdf file in the source.

If I cancel the 'Checkout from TFS' dialog, the project sometimes loses Version Control integration, and at other times shows all checked out files as 'Unversioned Files' in the Changes window.

I've tried going to Settings > Version Control > Ignored Files > + > Ignore all files matching > *.pdf, but the Checkout still tries to copy .pdf files to the local path.

Is there any way of excluding specific file types from Checkout, or is there anything else I'm doing wrong here?

Many thanks in advance,


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