Hi there,

I'm not familiar with Komodo.

What this feature does (what are you trying to achieve)?


With 'Make this folder root' one can navigate into a directory and this directory shows up as the root element in the tree. Higher levels are simply not displayed which gives me a cleaner view. This is especially helpful when I need to work on a lower level for a longer time.

The order of the screenshots should be the other way around. On the second picture you see the menu and on the first after making a directory the root element.


I see.

It's not exactly the same (it's more than just that) but will achieve what you require:

  1. "Settings | Scopes" -- create custom scope that would include only required files/folders.
  2. Switch to a required scope in Project View panel (instead of default "Project" which shows all project files).


Andriy, thank you very much. Finally I find the scopes more handy than komodo's make this root.


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