Editor Font selection problem

The Editor font selection process is seriously screwed up in PhpStorm. I have both 6.03 and 131.98 installed. They both have the same problem. It's impossible to select any other font than the top one. It's broken.


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Hi there,

Well ... it works fine here on both of my computers (Windows 7 x64 SP1 ENG) -- possibly it's your computer-specific issue (if you are on Windows like me).

1) Please check your idea.log for possible hints (Help | Show Log in ...)

2) See if reinstalling/switching Java will help here

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Thanks for the quick reply. I use phpstorm on multiple computers and they all have the same problem. It's very unusual to see such a fundamental problem, because I love your software. It must be somethnig with my computers. I cannot select anything in the Editor >Colors & Fonts >Font window, except the Scheme . I cannot change Size or Line Spacing or select any of the Avilable fonts.
If I double click the Selected fonts window, then the top avilable font moves over the Selected fonts window.
It's very weird.

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I see now.

It's not a bug -- it's intended.

You cannot modify BUNDLED scheme (fonts and colors). You have to create your own ("Save As" button) and use it -- then you can make modificiations as required.

The problem that I see here .. is that on Darcula UI Theme it's rather hard to easily notice disabled controls (I mean: difference between enabled and disabled). If you would use "normal" UI theme (I'm using Windows UI theme), it would be easy to spot such difference.


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