100+ GB cache

I just deleted 100+ GB of cached data from PhpStorm's cache directory. I realize that PhpStorm intentionally has no limit on the cache size, so I'm mostly curious; has anyone ever seen the cache get this big? Any ideas on how this much data built up?

I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.5 and PhpStorm 4.0.3. I've had PhpStorm installed for about two years and this is the first time I've cleaned the cache. I've used PhpStorm with 5-10 projects, each around a few hundred megabytes. After clearing the cache and restarting PhpStorm, the cache is at 95MB (a much more reasonable size).

$ du -sk ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/* | sort -nr 139497220     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/content.dat.storageData 43064     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/content.dat.storageRecordIndex 42924     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/attrib.dat.storageData 6784     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/records.dat 3136     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/attrib.dat.storageRecordIndex 320     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/names.dat_i 320     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/names.dat.keystream 8     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/names.dat 4     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/records.dat.len 4     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/names.dat_i.len 4     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/names.dat.len 4     ~/Library/Caches/WebIde40/caches/names.dat.keystream.len

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Hi there,

This is expected, especially with big projects since cache/index folders include quite a bit of info (which should also be stored in fast-to-access manner, which AFAIK means it's not getting compacted when old records/data got removed).

Yes -- I saw ticket with arround 30-50GB (sorry, do not remember exact size, but it was quite large, possibly much larger than I quoted) of indexes on large Java projects (IntelliJ IDEA). This lead to implementing #2 (see below).

  1. Use " File | Invalidate caches..." to perform such activity in case you were deleting them manually.
  2. Since v6 (I believe .. or maybe v5, but this is unlikely) IDE will automatically attempt to compact indexes/caches on start if percentage of free space in such storage goes above certain limit (which will occasionally slow down IDE launch if you have such big size storage/projects).

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