Attempting to run the built-in web server using PHP 5.5

Hi -I am running PHP 5.5.3, configured to run at PHP Language Level 5.4When I attempt to create a Run/Debug Configuration for the built-in web server I receive the following error message: "Error: Built-in web server is only available since PHP 5.4"Is there a way to convince PhpStorm that 5.5 > 5.4 ?Many thanks

Hi there,

Support for PHP 5.5 is added in PhpStorm v7 only -- it is not supported in v6.

You can try v7 EAP build now, if you wish:

Hi Andriy -Many thanks for your assistance.Whilst I do appreciate that PHP 5.5 will only be supported in PhpStorm 7, it also appears that the mechanism for comparing versions may be questionable, i.e. not recognising that 5.5 > 5.4, especially since I am only requesting language level 5.4.That said, I can appreciate that you might prefer not to run the internal server on an unsupported version.Many thanks.

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