Passing parameters to login page

Is there some way to personalize the form authentication page by passing a parameter?
I want to change an image of the login page depending on the origin page
of the user(page where it refers from). Is this possible? I am using JBOSS.

Here is some details what happens.

User will be redirected to my j2ee aplication clicking following link(for example)
JBOSS redirects the user to login page login_form.jsp (set up in web.xml)
The question is how to get parm1 in login_form.jsp?
It's not possible to use JBOSS generates error:
"Invalid direct reference to form login page".

Any help is appreciated.

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You would probably have better luck getting this question answered on the JBoss forums (or another J2EE forum). The discussion here is about J2EE integration with the EAP of IDEA.



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