EJB classes have no special icons

I configured in my project an EJB Module and I created a few EJB's with the provided wizards.
Unfortunately, The created classes (Home, remote, implementation) do not have their special icons. Also the EJB specific features (create method in remote interface,...) do not work.
Also the feature to jump to implementation method (or vice versa) does not work. However editing deployment descriptors using the Assembly / EJB views works perfect...

Any solution for this.

Note that I have only ONE source directory that I use for my EJB module AND my normal Java module. Maybe this is the cause ? (but it should be possible, yes?)
(I use build 1126)


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I have similar problems with my ejb projects. I lose the bean/interface/home coupling (ie: the special icons) if i include in the classpath all of my module's seperate compile directories. But if i don't include each modules's output dir then when I do usage searches i only find uusages with the module of the object I am doing a serach for.

Has anyone encountered this?

Florian Hehlen


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