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Hi -Though an experienced developer, I am totally new to PHP & PhpStorm. So my apologies - in advance - for any really idiotic questions  :)I downloaded and installed Twitter Bootstrap.I then attempted to create a new project using the project type of 'Twitter Bootstrap'.PhpStorm then attempted to download Bootstrap from github.Question: how do I convince PhpStorm to use the installed version of Bootstrap i.e. not download another copy ?Kind regards


as you have the twitter bootstrap already downloaded, you don't need to use 'twitter bootstrap' template. On creating the project by 'twitter bootstrap' template the is downloaded and extracted to the project directory - that's all. You can achive the same result by just opening the root folder of your twitter bootstrap installation via File/Open

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Hi Lena -Many thanks for response.I suspected that the answer would be similar to that which you outlined.That said, further testing (after my original post) showed that the github download is in fact not successful, i.e. it crashes.The crash is caused by the fact that the Bootstrap development team have reorganized the directory structure / locations, with the result that the URL used for download (     ) in version 6.0.3 is no longer valid.Questions:1. Can the URL be altered in the settings, or should I log a bug ?2. Is the Bootstrap extract folder - currently named "Bootstrap-3.0.0" - simply a folder within the "MyNewProject" folder, i.e. at the same level as the ".idea" folder ?My thanks for your assistance

1. no need to log a bug - it's already there, fixed for WebStorm 7 (see
2. no, "Bootstrap-3.0.0" should be your project folder (i.e. .idea will be created inside it). Or, create a new empty project somewhere and then add your
"Bootstrap-3.0.0" as a content root in Settings/Directories (if you don't like .idea folder being created inside your bootstrap root folder)

Hi Lena -Many thanks for the assistance,Expect many more such questions !  :)

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