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Alt+Insert (same shortcut as for "File | New") opens "New" popup menu when standing on the table/schema in Database tool window. First menu item will be pre-selected.



Dear Andriy Bazanov

.. thanks. Moreover, it has contextual options when selecting different levels of the hierarchy:
- selecting DB: New Table
- selecting TABLE: New Table, New Column
- selecting FIELD: New Table, New Column, New Index, New Foreign Key

Is this the only keymap available? There is no way to remap "Modify Column" and "Table Editor" as like as a keymap to open the full dialog window?

Thanks for the patience


All actions that can accept custom keyboard shortcut are listed in "Settings | Keymap" (in our case, it should be under "Plug-ins | Database Support"). If it's not there (anywhere/under any branch), then you cannot assign custom shortcut.

The "New" popup menu is a "list" .. and I do not remember any other such popup that can allow any item from such list to have custom shortcut (e.g. "File | New", or Ctrl+¬ (Quick Switch Scheme) etc).

In any  case: you can submit Feature request asking to provide customizable shortcuts for those actions on Issue Tracker -- with good argumentation and at least some interest from other users (votes) I think it may get implemented by corresponding dev.


You may try recording a macro (Edit | Macros) and perform such activity (the action you require). Once done -- it is possible to assign custom shortcut to such macro (Settings | Keymap | Macros)


.. there is no way to record in a Macro a "Right Click"! Which is the only action to open the dialog window.

Is that true?

Thanks for patience, once more.


No idea (I'm not that familiar with macros subsystem).


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