reusing HTML parts


I stumbled throug snippets and templates but didnt find or couldnt understand. ;-)

For a static HTML page I have some code segments which are nearly the same on a lot of pages. For instance the menu part. I apologize to compare to dreamweaver but there I can define library elements in the page. When an element is changed all pages with this element can be updated with a single mouse click.

Can I do this in PS too?

best regards

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Hi there,

There is no Dreamweaver-like HTML templates in PhpStorm/WebStorm.

You can use template engines/languages/tools for that and include such fragments where required (with some you can compile final HTML/whatever inadvance). For example: JADE (have a look, first entry when googling for "html templating engine"),  PHP (PHP itself is a templating language), Haml, Mustache, etc (more at )



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