XDebug disconnect and script termination when using mysqli_stmt

PHP 5.3.15
XDebug 2.1.3
PHPStorm 6.0.3
OS X 10.8.4

While debugging with XDebug, when a mysqli_stmt instance comes up in the current scope, the XDebug session is disconnected and the script terminates.  (It appears related to the IDE wanting to display info about the variable).

The following works in all cases:
$cn = new mysqli("", "", "", "foo", 3306);
$cn->prepare("select 'text' from t where id = ?");
echo "done";

The following fails when stepping through the script with a debugger (it fails after the prepare is executed)
$cn = new mysqli("", "", "", "foo", 3306);
$stmt = $cn->prepare("select 'text' from t where id = ?");

echo "done";

Notice, the only difference is whether I'm storing a variable.

XDebug log is attached.

This is maddening because every time I'm stepping through DB related code, my objects have references to mysqli_stmt objects and that seems to trigger the problem as well.  It makes it barely usable.

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Hi there,

Please try more up-to-date xdebug build (latest version is 2.2.3, you need at least 2.2.1).

Don't know how useful this info will be to you... but I can only confirm that your code works fine here on Windows 7 x64 SP1; PHP 5.4.19 nts (tested in CLI); Xdebug 2.2.2; PhpStorm build 130.1639 (v7 EAP)

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That worked.  Thank you so much!


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