focus on preview browser window/tab?

I'm just starting with Webstorm, it's an amazing IDE, but i can't figure out is there any way to focus (brint to front) a browser window/tab where my LivePreview is running atm? Doing "Reload in browser" command does reload the page, but window stays in the background (i.e. "un-focused"), and "Preview in browser" opens a new window even when another LivePreview of the same page is already running.

I can figure out how to do this with appleScript, but would be awesome to use a built-in feature.

Thank you!

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Okay, I found a good workaround: to create another profile in Chrome and launch it via a separate "dummy" app, as described here:

Now I have a separate Chrome running with it's own profile and settings (and only one extension installed to support JetBrains live edit functionality), so switching to it is easy with a shortcut via Alfred or any other task switcher. Moreover, such setup overcomes known issues when Chrome dev tools are open (it breaks Live Edit functionality, and sometimes you have to restart the browser to fix it). Now that a separate browser instance is running, Dev Tools are not used as much and restarting such dev instance is not a problem anyway.


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