Debugging JSP 2.0 under Tomcat 5.0.16

I'm trying to debug JSP 2.0 files under TC 5.0.16 using Aurora build 1094. I have an existing project that I've added a web module to. I'm now trying to debug that code. If I run TC on its own I can attach to it and step through servlets. I can also set breakpoints in JSPs however those BPs aren't hit.

If I run TC from within IDEA I get an error I'm not using server.xml to store my context data instead that goes into files in <tomcat-home>/conf/Catalina/localhost, this is irritating but easily fixable (should I raise an error so that this can get fixed?). After fixing this problem I can debug.

Should debugging of JSPs also work for an externally launched TC (looking at the various posts and issues raised on this it appears that it should),


Kevin Jones

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