Choose for Perl support

Good day! Can u help me for choice in programms from JetBrains. I have write in Perl language. So, i do not know which program choose. Thank's
Доброго дня! Я пишу на Perl языке. Не могли бы Вы мне помочь в выборе ПО от JetBrains с поддержкой Perl языка. Спасибо.


As far as I know, there is no Perl support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, and JetBrains doesn't have any plans to develop one.


Hello! I would add that the only one type of support for Perl you can get in various IntelliJ IDEA-based products (including PhpStorm) is Perl source code highlighting using TextMate Bundles. You can learn more about it in this tutorial. TextMate Bundle for Perl can be found in this GitHub project.


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