Hide comments in "Find in Path"

I use Custom scopes to limit "Find in Path" results. Most of the time it is great.
But the results includes commented codes that includes the search phrase.
Is it possible to commented lines from search result in v6 ?


Hi there,

"Find in Path" uses plain text search -- it will display any type of matching (be it code, string, comment or whatever) without distinguishing between them.

You may try build your search using regex and maybe you will be able to exclude comments in this way (in case your comments are single-line style ones).

If you are searching for function/methods names and alike -- try "Find Usages" instead (it can filter out "text occurrences")


I am with Ben!

For example I had to search for http:// in my templates dir. I got more than 1000 hits. Most of them were simple URLs inside Comments. I would love to make the search ignore Comments.


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