JToolBar editor....

With all the talk of inserting joe-random subclass of widget in the GUI
designer, I was just looking at some code I wrote just now.

Currently theres no JToolBar listed on the tool palette, so I've added a
JPanel placeholder and in my bound classes constructor I have the

private JToolBar toolBar;
private Action searchForPackageAction = new SearchForPackageAction();

public MainForm() {

toolBar = new JToolBar();
toolBar.add( searchForPackageAction );
toolBarPanel.add( toolBar );

getContentPane().add( mainPanel );

Here I have an AbstractAction subclass in my project, which I'm inserting
into the toolbar, which may also be used in a menu.

What this wants to be in the GUI designer, is the ability to put a
JToolBar onto the form at layout time, and add any Action ( or subclass )
declared class-level in the bound class.

This could then also be re-used in a menu designer.


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