a different web module problem?

It seems that I'm having a slightly different problem with my web module: when I try to run it, IDEA doesn't seem to copying all of the files into its cached catalina base directory (i.e., in my case: catalina.base=C:\Idea\system\tomcat_borderless-msi_1f72860).

Initially I had my web module setup to work out my own webroot (ala 3.0.5), but after reading that some people were having problems with that sort of setup, I grabbed Robert's project and made mine look like his (with an exploded dir that everything gets copied into).

In both cases everything compiles, my .tlds are found, tomcat launches without any errors, etc., etc., but I get a "requested resource was not available" when I actually hit the index of my webapp.

Any ideas? I'm using build #1074, tomcat 4.0.6, and java 1.4.2_03. After reading Robert's post that you no longer need an exploded dir, I switched back to my first setup. Here's an ls of my project dir structure:

config/ <-- stuff in here gets copied into docroot/WEB-INF/classes
docroot/ <-- my webroot: standard layout with jsps, classes, web.xml, etc.

John Lindsey

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