Find in path in a scope

Hello. It seems like when using 'Find in Path' I can only choose a folder OR a scope.

-- Is there any way to choose a specific folder AND a scope?

For instance, if I have a scope with these folders:

  |-- testA
       |-- inside
       |-- not_in_scope
  |-- testB

Legend: green: scope  grey: not in scope

I would like to be able to find only in testA+inside (ie: testA path recursively within a scope).


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Hi there,

-- Is there any way to choose a specific folder AND a scope?


Just create another scope that would match your exact requirements... or exclude unwanted results later when search is complete (search results can be grouped by folders -- just activate such option).
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I see. I must not have had the right concept for scopes then.

I am using a scope to hide all the node_modules to separate vendor code from my own, in a project with multiple modules. Therefore I would find it usefull to be able to search by path AND scope. Your solution (creating many scopes) is cumbersome since I have many modules with many folders. Creating separate scopes for all of these would be kind of long and ugly.

What I am left with is filtering out the result myself when a search is complete, but I find that ugly as every search takes longer and gives me a long list of results I don't care for.

I find that having webstorm ignore node_modules, in searches, inspections, refactor and so forth, is really hard to do successfully. I know that it's not easy to do on your end either, because there are many people and use cases that call for people to work on modules inside node_modules while working on a library. But count me in +1 for a search (and replace) functionality that would only affect MY code!!

And in case you were wondering, I really do enjoy using color, bold, italics and underline :)



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