GIT setup with remote server

I currently have my files located on a remote Linux server that I can access via a mounted folder. Of course, I also have a copy of all of the files on my local PC for PhpSorm to operate on. When I set this up, I created a GIT repository on my remote server (cloned from the master on BitBucket.org). I am wondering if this is the "proper" approach, or whether I am better served making the GIT repository be on my local PC with a copy of the files on the remote server? Or, should I just have a GIT repository in both places? I am not a GIT expert, so I am looking at what the best approach would be to using GIT in a development environment with PhpStorm on my PC and a remote server running Apache..

I have downloaded a nice GIT GUI (SourceTree) and tried it using my current configuration. It is quite slow when working on the remote server using my mounted folders. However, when I put the same repository on my local PC it is very fast, which is why I started thinking about chaning my approach.

Any help would be appreciated!


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