Is there any way to get Sublime-Text-Style side code viewer panel?

I wonder, is there any way to get Sublime-Text-Style side code viewer panel?

I mean plugin or something.

(See attached file)

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Code Outline 2 ?

Actual ticket (unlikely to be part of actual IDE in near future since plugin is already exists):

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Thank you!

Yes, this is it, but I do not like implementation:
- Code is very small and blocks of code not recognizable. I do not see any way to zoom in a little bit.
- Cursor is jumping by the screen when you scrolling code using ourline (drag&drop)
- No syntax highlight in outline

It's better than nothing, probably, but I hope somebody will fix it :)

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It would be great if you file the issue you mentioned here =>

Thanks for asking this question, just transitioned yesteday from Sublime + (Netbeans + Xdebug) and was missing this functionality.



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New plugin appeared,  CodeGlance
It looks better, but it would be nice to have ability to enlarge this view a little bit.

But, any way. it's Ok and my question is - Is there any way to hide vertical scroll in PhpStorm, because this plugin covers functionality of scroller.

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There is a new plugin just launched in June called CodeGlance and it is currently the best replacement for those coming from Sublime, in my opinion.


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