Goto SCSS partial from html document

I've setup a compass file watcher as listed here.

The file watcher works flawlessly, same as the command line compass process.

I'm curious if there's a way to configure WebStorm to point to references in the .scss file instead of the compiled app.css file.


Inside index.html i have

<a href='#' class='pandaStyle'>

When i click on pandaStyle, it takes me to the line inside the compiled app.css

I'd like it to take me to the partial of _animalStyle.scss
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do you lack a possibility to jump to  .scss instead of compiled .css referenced by your index.html?
Please see

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Correct. If i click the class definition in the HTML file, it will goto the class in the compiled css file linked in the header of the HTML doc. It would make more sense if it jumped to the scss partial to edit the class.

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thanks for update:) Please vote for the ticket mentioned in my previous


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