Status of the javascript doc parser and what standard is used?

Hi all,

Does anyone knows what the status of the javascript doc parser is? Is it completed or almost?

And what standard does it use? JSDoc3 from http://usejsdoc.org/ (https://github.com/jsdoc3/jsdoc) or does it use Google Closure Compiler 'standard' https://developers.google.com/closure/compiler/docs/js-for-compiler.

Or is it just a mix of tags from different standards that is supported (incomplete)?

If no standard is used, is there a list somewhere what tags are supported and from which standards?

I've written all new 'stubs' for HTML*/DOM*/EcmaScript5.*/WeBGL* according to the official documents and standards of W3C and ECMA.
Actually it are more then just stubs, most have short description, some long description, and it's infact working code, at least it can be ;)

While working on the 'stubs' I've noticed that not all tags are supported or acting weird, so that's why I'm interested in what doc tags are supported.

If JSDoc3 is supported then I can run all through the API document generator to check if the 'stubs' are allright.

Thank you in advance for any info on this subject,



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