Autocompletion of method/function parameters (i.e. Code Assist)

Hello everyone,

I have recently migrated from Netbeans to PhpStorm and using it around a month. I am pretty satisfied with it except I am missing the smart parameter completion from Netbeans. I.e Eclipse's "Code Assist" -> "Complete Parameter Names" option or Netbeans  "Code Completion" -> "Use Smart Parameters Pre-Filling". Is there such an option in PHPStorm that I miss in Settings or a Plugin that does this? I have searched it extensively but I cannot find such a feature, nor a plugin like that. I also considered writing a Plugin for that but I think that will take too long and I am a stranger to Plugin writing to IDE's hence it will probably take too much of my time.

Thanks for any help/feedback in advance.

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Hi there,

I have not used this functionality in Eclipse or Netbeans myself, but I do not see anything like that in PhpStorm.

I guess this ticket is asking about similar functionality: . If it's not exact ticket -- search yourself trough existing tickets and submit new one yourself:


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