configure content of generated code??

Hi IntelliJ TEAM

In this place I found several discussions about the
'automagically' created source code of the UI Designer.
But the current state (Build 1035) of the UI-Builder
seams to the be one that will be delivered in 4.0.

But some things may be very easy to implement and will
help the developer to read the code very quick.

1. If the 'name'-property of a component is set,
why shouldn't it be used as the name of the 'variable'.

2. Declare the components local to the class and not local
to the $$$setupUI$$$()-method.
And declare them private.

3. create public getter for each member. So it is
possible to use a controller in an other file
to access the UI-class.

Thanks for reading this.
Hinrich Schencking

With a slight hope of Implemtation. :)

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