Node debug with junctions/symlinks

I have a thorny situation with debugging node js code when using a folder that is a junction.

When I open/edit a file from a folder which is a junction and set breakpoints in it, the breakpoints will not hit. I need to open the actual file for the breakpoints to hit correctly.

A. c:\temp\project\test.js                                             -- Original file
B. c:\sources\project   <=> c:\temp\project\test.js         -- Junction folder pointing to c:\temp\project   (Note that only c:\source is in an idea project and visible  in webstorm)

If I open test.js in folder A, everything works, if I open it in folder B it doesn't. I have tried creating a library and setting everything as such, to no avail. It's a shame because it makes working with a lot of junction sort of impossible.

For reference, I am on windows 7.



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