Feature Request - Drag from Project Explorer to import

I have benn using PHPStorm just recently, I tried searching on how to do this but I couldn't find it.

It would be great if you could drag and drop files from the Project Explorer to import.

For exemple on Dragging a image to a HTML file it would create a <img src="..."> with the relative path of the image already filled out. The same for CSS and JS files.

Also when Dragging a PHP file to a PHP file it would create a require of that script.

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Hi there,

The issue tracker where you can file Feature Request tickets is located here: Issue Tracker

Personal note: from what I remember from previous similar kind of requests -- they were either rejected or put into backlog since this IDE is not about drag-and-drop programming style.

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Thank you, I have just submitted a Issue.

Well, I think that if it is something that helps the developer to write less code and it doesn't conflit with any other feature, because when you drag and drop a file it just opens the file in another tab, the same can be done just by dragging the file to the tab panel.

If this helps the developer and I think it does a lot, it shoudn't be discarted just because the IDE isn't Drag and Drop oriented. The IDE must be oriented to the developer / user, not by funcionality.


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