Modules, modules everywhere

Ok, call me stupid but I just can't figure out how the whole J2EE support is even supposed to work. It appears that I can't have a project that directly contains some EJBs. The only way I can find (for now) is to define a project and then define (yet another!) module of type EJB inside of it.

Why?! For ]]>'s sake, why do I have to configure module upon module upon module, each with its own output directory, redefine every library dependency and every other tidbit of configuration that a full-fledged project requires? I understand why it can be useful to define a module of beans, and have the ability to reuse it from project to project. But all I want to do for now is to add a couple of EJBs to a simple project containing, mostly, POJOs. Can't it be done?

Or, maybe I've got it all wrong. If I do, can someone please explain it to me or, better yet, point me to a previous explanation?

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