Exclude directory from refactoring actions

Hi,I have some directories (like 3rd party scripts) that I want "refactor" to ignode.I know I can mark the directory as "excluded", but than it will be invisible, and I don't want that to happen.Any suggestions?Thx.

Hi there,

What kind of "3rd party scripts" -- PHP / JavaScript ?

If JavaScript -- mark them as library (Settings | JavaScript | Libraries)

If PHP -- try adding them as External Libraries instead of being part of the project (Settings | PHP | Include paths). You can also try using custom scope (Settings | Scopes) to exclude unwanted files/folders -- depending on what you mean by "refactor" (e.g. search/replace) this should work.

Ahhh, that seems to work...Question though: Currently I have added a new library for "node_modules", but instead of monitoring the directory it added the individual files into this new library, will I have to update it every time I install new modules? or will WebStorm monitor the directory and add them for me??http://my.jetscreenshot.com/6330/20130718-tcej-284kb

In WebStorm v6 you can only add files to the library, but in v7 you can add files or whole folder (which should keep track of ALL files in a folder automatically). So far I've only been adding files only, so cannot tell how folders will behave, but it should include new files automatically, as this is the main reason why such option was added in first place).


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