syncing files

I simply need to synchronize local files in my environment.
When I save a file in directory A the changes need to appear in the same file in directory B. There is a server running locally, Im not sure if thats important, in sublimetext I was able to just sync the files witout worrying about the server.
I put alot of details into my last post here:
I have not found that the documentation addresses this.
I also found a similar topic here:
but have not been able to apply it to my situation.
I am not sure why the file in the destination directory of my mapping does not update when I make a change in the source directory.

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Hi there,

  1. Settings | Deployment -- you need to create an entry of "Local or mounted folder" type
  2. Folder field -- should be the root folder of your project on that 2nd/"remote" location
  3. Also fill the empty fields on "Mappings" tab (in most cases "/" is enough -- but it depends on your setup)
  4. Make sure that you have marked it as Default for this project
  5. Settings | Deployment | Options -- make sure that you have set it to upload changed files *automatically* on save, otherwise manual upload/sync will be required.
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There doesnt seem to be any way to mark as default. On the mappings tab there is a button labeled "use this server as default" it is greyed out and not selectable.
also in the Tools | Deployment menu the whole top section including "upload to" is greyed out.

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also in the Tools | Deployment menu the whole top section including "upload to" is greyed out.

This means (extremely likely) that you have not configured it properly.

In any case -- I will not be able to help you without screenshots and detailed info from your side (how you configured your deployment entry; what the paths you have used etc). Please provide such additional info, as much as possible (screenshots; screencast would also be great)

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I have attached screen shots thanks for your help.

The source is:

The target is:

I go to tools | deployment | configuration
select "local or mounted folder" and for project files put in /Users/vbreuje/dev/ole/export (a part of the path shared by both the source and the target).

I go to mappings tab "use this server as default" is greyed out.
for local I put in full source path, for deployment I put in path for target from /Users/vbreuje/dev/ole/export which is home/apps/ole/trunk/inst_9080/tomcat/webapps/community/realizeit/skins/default/css

Webpath on server Tomcat gets autofilled

I click ok

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 11.01.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 11.01.45 AM.png
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The "mark as Default" -- the entry is listed in bold font, which means it's already marked as default

But the rest ... I still believe (as far as I can judge from overhere) there is some issue with the path (e.g. wrong path ... which could be outside of the project) or maybe the path is just too long (OS limitation? don't think so -- it's Mac and now Windows; IDE limitation -- not sure at all)...

The path you are having is soo long that I'm loosing the idea of what can be wrong there.

  1. What is the project root path?
  2. Can u just leave deployment path as "/" and move the rest of it to the "connection" tab, so it would be "/Users/vbreuje/dev/ole/export/home/apps/ole/trunk/inst_9080/tomcat/webapps/community/realizeit/skins/default/css"
  3. Is there any chance to use shorter paths (e.g move project into another shorter location)?
  4. What log says about it (Help | Show Log in Finder) -- does it has any useful notes?

  5. I  see "File Transfer" tool window opened -- any useful info there? You  can set "Preferences | Deployment | Options --> Operations logging"  to "Details" -- it would log each file, not just general stats.


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