How to synchronize my project with similar project on remote server

Hi all,
I have local php project PHPStorm 6.0.2 .
How can I to synchronize my project with  similar project on remote server?

I see menu item File | Synchronize, but I did not found how to tune that my local project is copy of similar project on remote server ?

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Hi there,

"File | Synchronize" is for manually refreshing local files that belongs to the project (e.g. to pickup any external changes to those files that were not picked up automatically).

All remote settings are configured at "Settings | Deployment" (make sure that "Remote Host Access" plugin is enabled). Once you have properly configured a deployment entry (and marked it as Default for this project) you can use "right click | Deployment"  (or "Tools | Deployment") for synchronizing with remote host.


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