code completion not working for IDs in DIV. Works fine in SPAN, LI, etc


I've been using Dreamweaver for PHP coding and felt like it's time to move to a proper IDE. I've been testing out PHPStorm and one thing is driving me batty. It's in regards to adding css styles to my HTML. When I type "<div id="" and hit ctrl+space, it should bring up the code completion hints for all my CSS ID definitiions, but it doesn't. it seems to bring up some other XML or other form of tags that I don't want. (image below)

If I type then it brings up the appropriate class definitions, so that seems to work fine. but not IDs. I've tried using SPAN and UL and when i type ID and hit ctrl+space, it brings up the correct list: (image below)

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? I've tried to research it as much as I can here, but searching for 'div' 'id' 'css' is pretty broad. Any help would be great!


Awesomely quick response! and it helped! For anyone else having this issue, I went to Settings > Language Injections and unchecked the "xml: div/@id".

So simple! Thanks! Now to enjoy the rest of this program!


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